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Wholesale Policy

Opening Requirements

$300 USD Opening Order

Minimum Order

All orders require a $100.00 USD minimum order.  If less than this amount, there will be an additional $5.00 USD processing fee imposed on the total order.


• A brief description of the products you currently offer and the mode of sales.
(Online or Brick & Motor)
• Photo copy of current business license.
• Photo copy of sales tax permit.

Scan and e-mail it to us at:

Disclosure of Wholesale Pricing

All wholesale pricing and discounts are considered confidential.  Wholesale pricing and discounts will only be disclosed to approved active wholesale accounts. All general inquiries that have not been approved as a wholesale account will only be given retail pricing. Businesses wishing to obtain a wholesale account with must meet the requirements and submit the required documents listed above.

Method of Payments

We currently take credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or PayPal.  Cards are charged at the time of shipment and only for items shipped.


All prices and discounts are subject to change without prior notification.


• Please note that prices do not include freight charges.
• All orders will be shipped via UPS, FEDEX, or USPS unless otherwise instructed.
• Most orders worldwide are FOB from our U.S. warehouse.

Back Orders

We will hold and ship all back orders as soon as possible.  If you wish to have back order items cancelled, please make note on your purchase order or contact us.  Backorders will be shipped without customer notification otherwise.

* Please note the most manufactures’ inventory changes quickly, and some items often go out of stock or discontinued.  In this case, we will have to cancel your backorder.

Return Policy

We will not acce


:: Shipping Errors ::

If you receive an incorrect item due to our error, we will issue a Call Tag or Return Label to pick up the incorrect item(s) and ship the correct item(s) at no additional charge to you.

:: Claims ::

• All merchandises are packed carefully and correctly utilizing a triple check method before it leaves our facility.  
• Damaged shipments should be checked in the presence of the carrier.  
• All claims for damaged or loss to your shipment must be made with the carrier.  
• Please keep all shipping cartons and packing material for carrier inspection.
• Japanese Gift Market will not initiate any claims with the carrier.  
• Claims for shortage of items or damaged shipments must be made within 5 working days of receipt.

:: Termination of Account ::

Japanese Gift Market reserves the right to terminate any account who does not meet the above and below conditions at any given time, for any given reason.

:: Non-Active Accounts ::

Japanese Gift Market reserves the right to terminate any accounts with no business activity for a period greater than 6 months.

:: Foreign Orders ::

We offer shipping to Canada and other foreign countries.  For foreign orders, the U.S. dollar equivalent will be charged.  All orders and shipping charges must be pre-paid.  Any other export/import fees and duties will be collected by the carrier.


• Most orders worldwide are shipped FOB from our U.S. warehouse.

In order to process your international credit card order, please email us
the following documents:


• Copy of credit card (front and back)
• Copy of driver's license

• Copy of current credit card statement (billing/shipping address)


You will only need to send us this info once.  We will keep it on record so your future orders will be processed immediately.  We will process and ship your order once we have received the requested documents.  We require these documents to safeguard against credit card fraud.  Thank you so much for your understanding!

:: Product Specifications ::

All merchandise information is subject to change without prior notice.  All merchandise information presented in this web site was true and correct at the time of publication.