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Article: Senti senti x ReSaltZ Pop Up

Senti senti x ReSaltZ Pop Up

Senti senti x ReSaltZ Pop Up

Meet ReSaltZ Founder

6/22 Saturday and 6/23 Sunday
1 - 4 pm
66 Ainslie Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Pop up promotion
First 30 customers receives:
One Mini Salt Massage Bar and Foaming Net
with every $50 ReSaltZ purchase

ReSaltZ gift packaging available every purchase!

Limited time offer. While supplies last

About ReSaltZ

ReSaltZ was founded by YJ Kwon, a Seoul-based entrepreneur, who has experienced the power of salt first-hand and is committed to sharing its healing properties with the world. Like many, YJ was once busy and stressed out from her career-driven life and began suffering from chronic migraines. One night, she took a break from her hectic schedule and drew a salt-infused half-body bath, which provided remarkable relief from her severe headaches. 

From there, she decided to prioritize time for herself with regular salt baths, not only to diminish her headaches and stress, but also to rejuvenate her skin and body. This became an intentional ritual for self-care and introspection that restored balance in her life.

The half-body bath, infused with salt and traditional Korean herbal remedies, has had a longstanding role in YJ’s family, beginning with her grandfather, a Korean herbal doctor. Using Grandfather’s medicinal recipes, YJ’s mother would prepare warm salt baths whenever anyone in the family was sick or had skin irritations.  

YJ dove deeper into the properties of salt, uncovering even more of its remarkable wellness benefits. With learnings from her grandfather and the Dongui Bogam, the essential guide to traditional Korean medicine, YJ realized that the power of this mineral could affect lives, and soon founded ReSaltZ.

With a commitment to the highest quality, ReSaltZ incorporates unique salt from the pristine coastal regions of Bigeumdo Island in Korea into its products. Sea salt from Bigeumdo uniquely contains less sodium chloride and more minerals than other sea salts. “Our goal is to offer a moment of serenity as you immerse your body in a salt bath, reminiscent of the salinity of maternal amniotic fluid, allowing you to experience ineffable, primal comfort and healing,” YJ says.

Look forward for a exclusive Q&A with the founder coming soon! 

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