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Article: La Mer's Eye Concentrate Dupe

La Mer's Eye Concentrate Dupe

La Mer's Eye Concentrate Dupe

Are you looking to buy the La Mer Eye Concentrate Cream without overspending? La Mer is undeniably one of the world’s top luxury skincare brands. However, the cost of a $260 eye cream can understandably be a financial challenge for most people. Some users might not even want to spend that much on one product. While skincare is an important aspect of self-care, it is essential to recognize that achieving a highly effective skincare routine doesn’t necessarily require such a significant investment.


There are so many options available that can deliver similar results without paying such a hefty sum. Take, for example, Hemish’s Marine Care Eye Cream which is only $29.99, which is a lot more affordable compared to a price tag of $260. Not only is it suitable for all skin types, but it also has similar ingredients hence, can offer the same benefits.

Why do we love Hemish’s Marine Eye Cream

Similar to La Mer's eye concentrate, the Hemish Marine Care Eye Cream incorporates fermented seaweed extract, specifically known as ecklonia cava extract, as its main ingredient. This fermented extract is renowned for its detoxifying and rejuvenating properties, which provide soothing relief, and hydration to sensitive under-eye skin, and minimize fine lines. The marine extract aids in reducing fine lines by promoting the synthesis of natural collagen production, resulting in improved skin radiance that effectively targets dark circles and dullness beneath the eyes. On the flip side, these two products have different key ingredients that may determine what you decide to go with. The Hemish Eye Cream contains Peptides and Plant Stem Cell Extract to help your skin renew itself and prevent premature aging. It helps plump, firm, and brighten your complexion. Whereas the La Mer Eye Concentrate contains Clarity Ferment and Lime Tea Concentrate which restores brightness to the under-eye area and visibly reduces the appearance of dark circles. It contains antioxidants that act as a protective barrier, guarding the skin against irritation caused by environmental stressors. 

Texture & Application 

Both eye creams consist of the same texture. The Hemish Eye Cream has a more buttery feel that melts into your skin with a lightweight finish. It also comes with a skin-cooling applicator that helps cool and soothe the skin. Using the applicator to massage the under-eye area, can significantly help with the appearance of puffy eye bags. 


Although the Hemish Marine Care Eye Cream and La Mer’s Eye Concentrate are not identical products, the Hemish option indeed serves as a valuable alternative. It offers an opportunity to experience the benefits of eye creams and can be a great product to add to your skincare routine that won’t break the bank!

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