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Article: Discover the secrets behind AXIS-Y's innovative skincare line!


Discover the secrets behind AXIS-Y's innovative skincare line!

One of the hottest K-Beauty brands popping off in Korea and across the globe is AXIS-Y! A brand focused on creating natural formulations with climate & community in mind. Much of their products are both vegan & cruelty-free, thus truly making them a skincare brand that's for everyone! We at oo35mm had the amazing opportunity to interview their team some questions about the brand, their inspirations and their products.

1. Tell us a bit about the meaning or intention behind the brand name. Who is AXIS-Y?

AXIS-Y Office

AXIS-Y is a climate-inspired skincare brand and community-focused, meaning that every feedback from the skincare community is important for us, not only that, we want to show that the skincare community is powerful and important, and each individual can make a difference, and that they do matter.

2. In what ways is AXIS-Y bringing the community together?

AXIS0Y 5.5 2023

One example I can give you is our Yearly 5.5 Community Day Campaign, in which we donate 1 USD for each comment our IG post receives, to an institute/NGO with an important meaning and impact on the environment and/or society. This year we donated to the One Tree Planted NGO. In 2022, we also donated to the Coral Reef Alliance.

3. The AXIS-Y Glow Serum has been a viral favorite! At oo35mm we often sell out. But what else should we be trying from the 6+1+1 skincare line?

AXIS-Y Bestsellers

I would recommend you try out all 6+1+1 line products. However, the best-selling and must-try products are:
a. Community Choice Set (along with the Glow Serum, it comes with the Spot The Difference Blemish Treatment and Complete No-Stress Physical Sunscreen V3)
b. Artichoke Intensive Skin Barrier Ampoule
c. PHA Resurfacing Glow Peel
d. Heartleaf My Type Calming Cream
e. Our Pore Line (also part of the 6+1+1) LHA Peel & Fill Pore Balancing Cream & CALAMINE Pore Control Capsule Serum

4. What factors do you consider when making ‘climate-inspired’ skincare for a global audience?

The idea of being climate-inspired is based on the climate of each individual. Each person experiences different "weather”. Our products are also crafted to solve people's skin problems, solutions based on the weather and climate of the places/countries they are based in.


What other brands would you like us to interview? Comment them down below!

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